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Wellness. Unwell Care. Screening. Detoxification.

What is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative medicine is a patient-focused approach that considers the whole person during medical practice. Integrative medicine uses both evidenced-based and experience-based therapies including alternative and western medicine conventional theories to provide safe and effective care. 

We work closely with you to ensure that your child is receiving the care that they need. Integrative medicine addresses many factors that affect health such as physical, emotional, spiritual, and environment. While providing treatments that address immediate health concerns, we also focus on broader concepts of health such as living a healthy lifestyle that positively influences

your child's overall wellbeing for the future.



While many providers market to the whole family, we truly love kids and so we've dedicated all of our time and resources into serving kids well!

Whether you just want some holistic guidance to ensuring your little ones mind, body, spirit, and environment are being fully nurtured or have no experience with holistic care, we are here for YOU!

Direct Primary Care 


Direct primary care cuts out the middle man and gives you direct access to your child's provider, Dr. Stevens, for basic medical services. This is a cash pay-based membership that focuses on holistic care for your kiddos. 

Children grow and change so much so quickly and many factors of life can impact a child's health - not only right now but also in the future as an adult. Wellness visits are important to ensure children are growing holistically in mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing: 

$100 one time enrollment fee per child. Max family enrollment fee is $200. 

Ages 0-2: $75/month 

Ages 3-21: $50/month 

What's included: 

- Routine Well-child visits with no co-pay

- Unlimited basic sick visits when needed at no additional cost 

- Discount basic labs (when needed) 


Complete Blood Count $5

Complete Metabolic Panel $5

- Direct access to Dr. Stevens with unlimited appointments, email, and text messaging with extended hours

- Priority Acute/sick visits same or next day 

- 10% discount on functional medicine services

Pay per Visit for Primary care or Sick visit:     


 - $125 per appointment 

 - Does not include discounted labs or discount on functional medicine services. Labs are still available. 

Functional Medicine New patient intake: $350


Comprehensive functional medicine assessment lasting 60-75 minutes and taking a deep dive into all aspects of your child's health

Follow-up functional medicine appointment prices vary based on complexity and time needed

Family discounts available for multiple children

Functional Medicine Labs and screening:


Functional medicine screenings are helpful to obtain the "big picture" and discern what is impacting a child's health from a root cause approach. We offer testing through a variety of avenues that can be shipped directly to your home, in office, or completed in a local laboratory including urine, stool, blood work, and more.

Functional labs/screening is done via cash pay and prices vary depending on what is being tested

Some lab work may be covered through insurance when obtained at labs that participate with your insurance



Our bodies are constantly exposed to a variety of toxins due to the overabundance of them in our environments. Supporting children to have adequate detox is essential to decreasing inflammation, improving unpleasant symptoms, and achieve healing that prevents chronic disease.

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